New Job and Passing the Time

Been working as quality control and analyst for some tech companies. Boring technical things, packet analysis, trying to bruteforce, DOS home network equipment. Oh wells. But fun thing is, got to meet a cool person and we’re into Dungeons and Dragons old school board games and wanted to get into Warhammer 40k. His office has

New Pictures and Urgency

Back from the emergency trip to Hong Kong. As promised here’s some new media from Belonging! On this note, after my return from Hong Kong, had a nice surprise waiting for me. All spare computers and systems had to be pulled to act as servers and anything with spare processing power was put into service.

General Belonging Progress

Quick update for the game Belonging, still progressing along. Have a few new screen shots for the next level. Currently tad busy with part time jobs the past couple of weeks and organizing some trips. As a result, blog updates will be a bit slow the next week or two as I’m traveling around, but

Game Tweaks

Quick update on the progress and tweaks for Belonging. Redid the display icon for lives Added a marble collection icon Get 100 marbles, get an extra life, surprise?! Defeating an enemy and collecting a marble gives 5 marbles Adding a life for 100 marbles adds incentive to explore and take on enemies across the levels

We’re on IndieDB!

We’re now on the IndieDB, hoozah! Go check us out:

2D Platform – Progressing with Progress (Pics!)

Making progress with the platform game. The game now has a working title, “Belonging.” J. Fang’s search for belonging and fixing his dull and drab world to make things better and not to just accept things for the way they are. For the past few weeks have had a playable demo. It’s not even alpha,

Wireless (in)Security

Currently working on a quick write up for wireless insecurity. Out of all the places and countries I’ve worked in. Surprising at how lapse wireless security is back at homebase, the USA. Scanning the airwaves in Hong Kong, Paris, or London… Vast majority (90%) of systems I was picking up were WAP or WAP2. Scanning

Tweaking a Resume

Already, the good old cliche to the job hunt. Need a good resume before can even apply for the job! So we’ll need to do some research and some light handed copying and pasting. What does this entail? Quite simply put, a lot. Correct spelling and grammar, clear organization, awesome presentation of past experiences, and

A Platform Game – Concept Check (Pics!)

After a bunch of different concepts and researching platform games. For the past month, I’ve been working it out. Got to love the old retro platform games from the NES and Master system days. Things I am working out for the platform game: -Jump and change directions -Jumping through platforms -Ramps Up and Down Working

HTML5 and Gaming (Pics!)

While looking for job updates, always good to review to stay current and to also learn new things. Have been going over my old material and books for A+, Network+, and Security+. Need to update a few items with some info for the wiki once that is back up and running with more articles. Laika